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Disneyland Bans Selfie Sticks! Shift To Apps To Improve Selfies.

Are you planning a vacation to the all-time hit fun theme park Disneyland? Hold your breath, as, if you are planning to click selfies at the spot, you are going to be in a rude shock.

Disneyland has imposed fresh restrictions on people visiting them and wanting to save their memories for posterity. Disneyland has banned the use of selfie sticks on the park.

Selfie sticks, for the uninitiated, is a special device which when attached to their smart phones, facilitates clicking of selfies.

The authorities have labelled selfie sticks as an obstruction for visitors and claimed it as violation of safety norms. Earlier also, this stick has been prohibited in areas such as museums, sports stadiums and during concert arenas as well.

However, the ugly response this prohibition has earned was very much expected with the selfie fever at its worst.

We personally wonder that these days everyone is so keen to click photos.

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he had only 5 pictures clicked, but nowadays, anyone who stands in front of a mirror usually clicks 10-15 of them. What an irony! Lolz

So for those who need to pursue their selfie craziness, should find out alternatives when visiting Disneyland.

Well we do have a suggestion for you all. You should opt for some downloadable applications to improve your selfies for widened angles of clicking them.

We must say God bless you selfie-sticks. May your selfies live long.



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