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The Known Yet Unknown Side Of Dharmendra’s Stardom!

Birthday boy Dharmendra ji is a true star from his lifestyle in both his reel and real life.

The actor has managed to get whole lot of love from audience round the globe. The ultimate He-Man of Bollywood has entertained us for decades and is spreading the fever of his style since then. Dharmendra is one hero who was equally awesome when he played the angry young guy as he was with romcom. He always nailed it with his charm.

On his birthday, we bring you some lesser known facts about him:

6 There’s a bar in Delhi by his name & theme!

The owners are die-hard fans of the veteran actor, who have even introduced mocktails by his name Jawani Bhari Gulabo, Veeru Ki Ghutti and Pyaare Mohan Masala Nimbu.

5 His luv-shuv during Sholay days!

Dharmendra used to pay Rs 20 to the light-boys to purposely disturb the couple when they would shoot for the famous shooting lessons scene.

4 He wanted to play Thakur in Sholay

Dharmendra wanted to play Thakur but in that case he wound’t get the girl (Hema Malini). Therefore, he agreed to play Veeru!

3 He was married before he fell for the Dream Girl

Dharmendra ji was married to Prakash Kaur before he fell in love with Hema Malini. She even turn downed his proposal because of his marital status.

2 He is a Muslim!

He converted to Islam for the sake of getting married to Hema Malini and not divorcing his first wife.

1 He has fathered half a dozen kids!

From his first wife he has two sons Sunny & Bobby Deol and two daughters Ajeta & Vijeta Deol. And from Hema Malini, he has two daughters Esha & Ahana Deol.

A very very happy birthday from Khurki. Bless you with a healthy life.



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