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This Is The Mythological Significance Of Dhanteras You Must Know!

You think of festivals and the questions of its significance props up in your mind. That’s only if you want to learn more about religion and the mythology. These things simply leave you with so many questions in your head. Take Dhanteras for that matter. How come a festival is limited to buying gold, diamonds, LEDs, cars, et al.


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It definitely must not be a marketing thing of those days. There has to be more to it.

Some basic facts

The tale of Dhanteras…


Thus buying jewellery and gold ornaments got its significance from here and electronics you are buying have nothing but a marketing tactic. Dhanteras reminds us that the evil can be taken care of with right actions i.e. your karma.

Dhanteras is also an occasion to worship an incarnation of Vishnu – Lord Dhanwantari, the deity of health and the spirit of knowledge. He is considered to be the teacher of all physicians and originator of Ayurveda.

Also the worshiping of Tulsi & Akashdeep signifies the respect we have for nature.

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