Dettol Soap is 100% safe: RB Spokesperson Confirms To KHURKI


Dettol soap found itself mired in a controversy last week when some samples reportedly failed tests conducted by the Food And Drug Administration in Lucknow.


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However, refuting these charges, a spokesperson of Reckitt Benckiser Group has clarified that Dettol is absolutely safe to use and it meets all standards.

They have said that the matter pertained to lesser weight of a product and not quality. They have clarified: “The net weight of a product is observed at the time of packaging. Technically, all soaps lose moisture during the journey to retail outlets and hence we witness a drop in the weight.”

Specifying that the matter is about weight and not quality, the spokesperson said: “The letter we received from The Food and Drug Administration alleged a lesser weight and not the quality. We will collaborate with the concerned authorities and do a thorough investigation to understand the alleged difference in the product weight of the sample.”

The company has reiterated the brand’s “commitment towards the health, safety and well-being of our consumers”.

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