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Are You Depressed? Well, Nothing Lasts Forever…


Being depressed isn’t a new thing nowadays because every third person out of five is facing this phase in his life. The origin is similar in most of the cases but the handling is different, which eventually makes a difference in their future. Everyone just needs to understand that nothing lasts forever. So never give up just because of some mixed feelings. Here are a few things that can help you overcome this phase.

Try to be alone

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When you are depressed, everyone says you should have lots of people around you. But to try the opposite isn’t all that bad, so try to be alone. And for once, enjoy your company and advice because you know yourself the best. Just ask yourself and the solution will be in your hands. I’ve heard some people like to enjoy the cannabis strain blue dream hybrid while they are alone as well. Some find it helps when they are trying to be introspective to better reflect on what is really bothering them. Others prefer to use these magic mushroom edibles, as they have been found to help alleviate treatment-resistant depression. There are many different things you can try – you just have to find something that suits you best.

Go with the beat


Pick your earphones, plug them in your cell phone and play your favourite songs. This will definitely help you forget about all the things bothering you and causing this low waali feeling and who knows when you triumph over the depression.

Run away

benefits of running

No way. I mean just go by your own for a long walk, drive or take a trip to a secluded place, where you can look around and understand the meaning of bothersome things happening in your life and may be you come up with a solution…….who knows.

Go social

Girl friends

Being around people isn’t that bad, especially when you are with people whom you don’t know. Surprisingly, being alone and being amidst lots of people can help you even though they are absolutely opposite.

Get on the floor

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Doing some crazy jams with your friends is the best, but sometimes doing something out of the box can demystify everything. For instance, some slow dancing on those beats which you consider boring because they are slow or too romantic.

Get Shakespeare


Get the spirit of Shakespeare out of the bottle and arm yourself with a paper and fill it with all your mixed up thoughts inside you. It will appear like a puzzle with a solution. It’s a different thing that you will laugh at it later on.

Go with Vinci


Painting is just a process in which you vent out your thoughts on a board that was blank and empty. The fun fact is that for such a painting you don’t have to be a Leonardo da Vinci. You can be just a person with thoughts who can carry all the colours of life together.

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