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Delicious Single Liners You Can Use On A Foodie!

There are people who eat to live and then there are people who live to eat!

The second category can also be labelled as foodies, bole to food addicts.

If you know any such foodie and have been trying to get his attention away from cheese cake, use these pick-up lines on him. We can bet he will be trotting behind you in no time.

1. You and I make an awesome pear


2. You just stole a pizza of my heart


3. I hope you find me a peeling

4. When will you love me from head tomatoes?

5. Baby let’s taco about sex


6. Dough nut underestimate me

Varun Dhawan

7. Do you have a clue, hummus I love you?


8. My love for you is tortellini pure?

9. I love you like my latte


10. Let’s ketchup at the beach today

11. I loaf you like crazy

12. I knead you like mad

Alia Bhatt

13. I love you, do you olive me?

14. I want to be your butter half

15. I wanton make love to you

16. Make love to me till ice-cream 


Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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