Psst…Delhi Girls Reveal Bargaining Secrets, Valid All India!


Bargaining is undisputedly the birth right of every woman. Nothing wrong with it, right? They are simply so good at bargaining and making the “Bhaiyya” cut the rates.

All those danglers of “fixed price” hanging at stores are simply useless for women buyers. Of course, before anyone attacks me for generalizing, there must be some women who are bad at bargaining, but I haven’t come across any. So in this video by The Teen Trolls, these guys go on streets of Delhi. Not any ordinary street, but one of India’s best flea market -Sarojini Nagar Market – and they get awesome reactions. From simply smiling to just walking away, you got it all from these girls.

Delhi Girls Reveal Bargaining Secrets!

Now what? Go try these tricks out at your nearest flea market


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