Dekh Bhai Memes That Are Stupidly Humourous!


Uske paas ye hona chahiye, ye to uske paas bhi hai…? NAHIN, uske paas VO hona chahiye, VO to uske paas bhi hai.

And don’t forget to put ‘DEKH BHAI’ in the beginning.

Still wondering whats ‘Ye, Vo, uske, Iske, mere, tere, Bhai, Bhen, Chacha, Maama?’… Well, if you’re already aware of it then you’ll obviously be knowing how interesting and creative stuff it is ; for the blogger as well as for the one who uses them to expose humour!

Whenever such a thing gets viral and spreads, it automatically becomes a part of our life where somehow we start using them as idioms and phrases like ‘Dekh Bhai, ladki salary se patt ti hai gallery se nahin’ …Okay? So, better reduce your selfies!

Here are some of the ”Dekh Bhais” which KHURKI finds absolutely funny:

1. Not picking up the phone?

2. Be Fashionable

3. When someone just laughs at your worse times

4. For a ‘tharkiiiii’ friend

5. For your Pati Parmeshvar

6. Was he stalking you?

7. Confused Dekh Bhai

8. Any ‘Playboy’ in the house?

9. Double Dholki


11. Chatterbox

12. The one who gets insulted

13. Diwali

14. You take so much time to dress up!

15. Selfish Dekh Bhai

Enough of reading, no?

Now, go ahead and show your creativity by discovering your own ”Dekh Bhaaaais” from the App!

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