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10 Decisions You Can’t Make Without Consulting Others?

Do you struggle to make decisions or get them wrong often only to suffer the consequences? Whether you suffer or not, there is something about not being able to take decisions without consulting almost everyone you know. But what to do? There are some situations when it is just not possible to take any decision on your own and you have to consult your entire group of friends.

What to wear?

One of the most difficult decisions for many women to make! So they check with their best mates to see if the outfit they have got on really does make them look the perfect 10.

Which caption or photo to be used on Instagram?

Please help me. I don’t want to sound cheesy…..Should I go for color filter or just black & white?? Also, what should I caption my picture??

Which haircut should I go for? When to visit the salon?

Tough decision, we know! We are never ever able to decide which style looks best on us. In any case, what are friends for?

What should be my new profile picture on Facebook?

When you have loads of pictures in your phone gallery and you wish to use them, obviously you need that extra bit of help when it comes to choosing.

Dress you are trying on in the dressing room?

Help me buy the right one, that suits my looks.

Which takeaway should I order tonight?

“Don’t know if I am really feeling pizza tonight, or Mexican or Chinese… What do you want?”

Which course to study?

This is one toughest decision to take. You will probably get confused with different options from your mates, but at the end that might also depend on the area you are interested in studying!


Where to go on a date?

Should I go for a walk? Or watch a movie ?? or better to meet up for a drink ?? Oh God! I am so confused…….

Boots or strappy sandals?

I don’t always know what exact I wanted to buy when I get so many options in front of me. Mummmmmyyyyy 🙁 Help Me!

What gym to sign up for or should I workout from home?

One thing that bothers you the most, what gym to sign up for membership or is it better to exercise at home?!


Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!


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