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10 Ways To Handle An Angry Bird Of A Partner!



We often see people getting angry in simple situations. Small things that can be done without any more damage. Anger does no one any good. But what’s to be done when our partner gets red-hot quite often, spewing fire all the time. But sensible is the one who knows how to deal with situations and here’s the key:

Politeness is the key

Because two similar kind of emotions at any point may result in a ‘natural disaster’ and innocent get affected by it.

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Don’t argue, won’t help

Instead, listen, think and remain silent in these kind of situations because once you start arguing, you get killed or you’ll have to lose. So, kind is the one who understands.

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Clear misunderstandings asap

This is a major cause of scuffle in a relationship. Misunderstanding must be cleared for a peaceful bond.

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Patience is to be kept!

The person facing an angry person might get the same emotion, but here’s when you got to have the control over your mind. Monitor your reactions and save them for the future!

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Compare situations

To let the person know the difference between conclusions of ‘happy endings’ and ‘worse endings’, respectively.

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Blackmail emotionally

If your advice, suggestion and help is ignored, try finding out other ways to blackmail a person – emotionally. A perfect procedure to melt a person and helps in changing emotions.

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Love changes things easily

“You need power, only when you want to do something harmful…otherwise love is enough to get everything done.” – Charlie Chaplin 

And your belief can surely change things.


Thing’s didn’t work? Look for the right time!

Try hitting your points in the right situation and right time with a happy mood on both sides, if things don’t work in the current situation.

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Past not to be talked about

Don’t talk about the past, that’s not the right time. Make things better for the future!

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Still no hope? Start kissing (might work)

Maybe all the partner needs is a kiss?

Sudden Heat in Temp Kiss GIF photo HospitalKissGIF.gif
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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
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