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Dating An Intelligent Man? Beware Of The Downsides Of It…



Being with a man who is intelligent? That’s simply not enough. Because intelligence alone is not a remedy to all love problems (or maybe many others). Of course, there are tonnes of people who have found love on a Geek Dating Site or at ComicCon and we’re happy those people can tolerate each other! However, sometimes, just like any other relationship, it’s not always plain sailing. For those who have dated some intellectual geek in the past, it must be clear what I am talking about. And for those who haven’t, please realize before you get trapped in the strong jaws of wisdom. No, we have nothing against intellectual men, it’s just that everything has its pros and cons. And we are just NOT talking about the pros but the cons only. Here are some of the disadvantages of dating highly intelligent men…

My way or the highway


Yes, this is so true in their case. All they think is that things are to be always done their way. Questioning them or even sometimes asking them “why” would mean you are inviting trouble for yourself.

Ego won’t let you ‘let go’

Intelligent men have giant egos. They are habitual of winning every now and then in life. And whenever, they fail at something it will puncture the ego in them.

Single-mindedness is a curse

self centered

No no no, this is not being single-single. They are so focused in focusing on one goal that they end up missing the broader intellectual curiosity. So they might not like experimenting with weird stuff in relationship.

Poor practicality


They are poor with their practical skills. Ask them what’s going on with Kashmir problem, they can submit papers on it. Tell them you got a flat tyre, they will have a flat face.

Not good with romance-vomance


To be highly intelligent, one requires focused attention and a straight line approach. But romance require imagination and creativity. Thus, they fail pathetically when it comes to expressing the love.

They struggle with empathy

male eq

In case of high IQ men, if you go through something bad, you got to tell them, (all men mostly). But in case of intelligent men, they neither get you nor other people’s problem around them. The IQ doesn’t fill it up for EQ.

Where there’s ego, there’s ARROGANCE


Whether it is spoken or repressed, the feeling is there for sure. For those who date them might not know, but those who love them definitely will. There is a very thin line between pride & arrogance, which is crossed several times or at times confused with one another, by them and others.

Arguments & logic


They will always have the right argument. Unlike different men, they don’t forget things. They will have such a logical approach when it comes to argue you will not have a word to fight back. And that’s not what you do with your woman. You simply calm her down and accept.

Will make you feel stupid


Yes, they might end up making you feel stupid. They don’t do that intentionally but your over thinking can let that happen. It’s not that you are stupid, it’s just they are beyond the normal level of intelligence.

Dominant nature is not a good sign

quick meme

Sometimes, out of choice and at times unintentionally they will end up being domineering. In the changing strata of the society at present is not appreciated or accepted in any form by the modern woman.

I hope you know your IQ level. He might end up asking you this on the very first meeting. Or might try and show off his with pride and arrogance mixed together in his expressions.

Disclaimer: The author is far (repeat) away from the category of highly intelligent men.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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