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10 Things You Must Be Prepared For Before Dating An April Born…

Born in April are the people made with some weird qualities. Now that April is here, you will see t-shirts like ‘Legends Are Born in April’ on Facebook. At first it may seem irritating, but on thinking hard you would realise that people born in April are indeed special. Not because of any special factor but for the way they are and they live. People who live life on their conditions. So if you end up dating an April born, don’t prepare yourself for these qualities to the T but trust you me, they will almost be the same.

They are outgoing

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Born in April means born to travel, explore adventure. These people are no less than Vascos in their own life. For them ideal date won’t be in a restaurant or cafe but a mountain top Chai. They would love to do things that push the adrenaline levels and make live every single moment of your life. They are famous in their group for being ever ready for a trip.


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They might not like typical dates, but trust me they are highly romantic. Sometimes, they would say such things that you will be total numb and wonder that you date a gem. And not just words but actions of an April born are highly romantic, provided they love you indeed.


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Always want to know stuff, no matter what subject. From Rumi to Syrian problems, they want to know it all. They would listen to the logic of an atheist and believe faith of a religious person. And that also explains the amount of knowledge they have about world and life.

Never Lazy

High on God knows what, but these people are always charged. They are like a flagship phone of Apple with a battery of Nokia 3310. They are always busy doing stuff, time killers, spoilsport are not at all words for April born.

Impatient AF

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Another quality of an April born, not sure if this a quality or not. You know when you order something super awesome on the internet and simply can’t wait for it to get delivered. An April born is always in that mode, in spite of making no online orders at all. They are impatient for everything in life.

A Great Friend

April Born

You will always found old people in their real life friends, not the FB ones. It is for a fact that people born in April are very honest and loyal kinda friends. They stand by you for every situation in life, unlike your weather friends.

Risk Taker

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Yet another quality of an April born is being a risk taker in different aspects of life. No worries they will never risk your life for their kick. But they will definitely take risk for their life, be it for adventure or a job decision.

Problem Solver

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From plumbing to relationships they love to solve problems. Give them a situation and before you know it you will have a solution. That’s why they make best of leaders and managers.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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