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Curvalicious Yet Whatta Hottie! Three-Step Guide To Making Curvy Fashionable



Curvy Fashion?

Fashionable girls are not difficult to find but the fashion devil inside them is rarely unleashed because of the lack of dressing options available to them.

I happened to visit a couple of stores in a huge mall yesterday, wanting to buy a long pencil skirt for my sister who happens to be curvy. We kept jostling through the sale addicts to look for stuff, who were just there due to sale…bhale hee lena dena kuch hota nai…huh.

Though we couldn’t find the skirt, we managed to look for a couple of other dresses and ended up buying yet another pair of trousers, teamed them up with a long khulla dulla top….just like the other ones in her wardrobe..!!

This annoyed me and I questioned her repetitive choice? She very innocently replied – Aur hai bhi kya lene wala..!!

Awww……all my emotions oodled out and the look on her face was pitiable. Then I thought of writing down the thoughts to comfort her….fikr not…this blog will surely show you how you can look ultra glam with your curves intact…keep reading….

First and foremost – Please get rid of a typical khulla dulla Punjabi suit and replace the misshapen piece of fabric with a more streamlined crisp long shirt, preferably raw silk or crisp cotton, and a pair of pencil trousers or palazzo. I have seen some super curvy girls supporting this fashion and they look simply stunning..!!

Just a glimpse of how the garment should like :

Next, try experimenting with skirts. A long, short, straight, flowy one or any type whichever you like. Skirts make you look adorable as long as you can carry them nicely, keep experimenting. Pair them up with just the right top and a beautiful pair of heels or flats. A few of my favourites from the skirts section are:

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If you happen to one of those who loves her jeans and just don’t want to let go off them, then try styling them a little bit, to add a little more spark to your look.

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You could also try getting into a dress sometimes, for the ooh womaniya look…Many hearts ought to skip a beat if you weave the air of magic around you while you walk…just check these women out to know what I mean:

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Some girls love their shorts but fear wearing them as they think they have dimples at all the wrong places. So what if you do…as long as you know how to love your body, nothing else matters. Try wearing your shorts like these gorgeous babes:

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If in case you are a swimmer, then look out for these fashionable swimsuits and flaunt your curves in style.




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Now that we know how your curves can be allured, pick up stuff from your wardrobe and experiment with the way it looks on you.

Trust me you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Happy Dressing 🙂

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

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