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Prepare For Monday, Cure Hangover With These Simple Steps!


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If your binge drinking is giving you the worst hangovers on Monday, then this reading is just perfect for you. Hangovers can be most bugging and can spoil your whole day. If you want your body to recover, the two most important things to keep in mind is rest and hydration. And like a family secret, every person will have different formula for getting rid of a hangover. Some cures might suit you, others won’t. We have some sure shot ideas for you today.

Get some undisturbed sleep

Rest is the miracle cure that you need to get over any hangover. If you want to feel human again, just stay in bed and keep your eyes closed and relax. And if it is really bad, call in sick at work and keep the phone off the hook.

Image Source
Image Source

Drink loads of water and orange juice

Instead of loading your body with coffee, have a glass of fresh orange juice. Alcohol will dehydrate your body. You need to replenish it with as much water as you can. If you can, add some lime juice to a glass of warm water.

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Image Source

Avoid black coffee

A small cup of coffee is ok, but please avoid a whole pot of black coffee. It might seem like a good idea, but it is not. The caffeine will only make you more dehydrated.


Pop some multi-vitamins

Your body will be most grateful if you supply it with some vitamins. If you can’t find your bottle of pill, then just pour yourself a glass of orange juice and gulp it down.

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Image Source

Grab a bite

If you want to settle your stomach, then look for something that is rich in proteins and minerals. Not the leftover pizza please. A simple butter toast will also help. Avoid an empty stomach. A cup of broth can really help to settle your mind and body.

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