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OMG, It’s Criminal In China If You Save Your GF Instead Of Mother!


Devashish Vaid
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Will you save your mother or girlfriend in case of a deadly fire? This tricky question was asked to hundreds of thousands of trainee lawyers and judges taking China’s National Judicial Exam which is designed to assess whether the examinee is qualified to practice law in China or not.

The question went like this: If a person is capable of saving his mother but saves his girlfriend instead, is he committing a crime of non-action?

Option C told the story of a man who chose to save his girlfriend from a burning building over his mother, saying his actions amounted to a criminal failure to act.


While the exam has replaced water with a fire, the question is very similar to the hypothetical question about choosing between saving a drowning mother or a girlfriend – a question often asked by girlfriends that ends up putting guys in an awkward dilemma.

The Ministry of Justice later published the answer on September 24, saying that the man would be committing a crime of non-action if he chose his girlfriend over his mother, the Global Times reported.

According to the law in China, a son is obligated to save his mother, not his girlfriend.

The question sparked discussion on social media with some citizens agreed with the answer, saying that it would be heartless to leave their mother in danger. Some others felt that the law is unjust.

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