Some Of The Creepiest Things Children Could Say!


Children have a way with adults! The first thing that comes to our mind when we see the face of a child is innocence.

Children are the most angelic (supposedly) beings on the Earth, but well..we certainly can’t deny the fact that sometimes these little angels turn devilish too. Children can stun you with the wackiest and creepiest of things. Some statements might freeze you in your tracks and make you look over your shoulder.

We found some really crazy statements for you. Read on:

1. There is nothing under your bed, no monster there. And your kid says – He’s actually behind you now!

2. When he woke up in the night and said nana was not letting him sleep. Nana passed away eight years ago

3. When my six-year-old came from the garden and handed me a rock – Use it for your grave!

4. When you went to kiss him goodnight and he said – Why is that man on the window?

5. When the three-year-old hugged her mommy and said – You are the best mommy I ever had. And you said well I am the only mommy you have. And she said – that’s what the rest of them said too.

6. Your best friend died while you were pregnant. But your three-year-old says she comes to play with her at night

Spooked out! Mission accomplished then…

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