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Crazy Reasons for Divorce, Seem Stupid But Are Real!



People have been getting married from time immemorial and they have been getting divorced too.

Marriages might be made in heaven, but we have to make them work on Earth. Many times they end in a split and divorce lawyers like the divorce lawyers in Pennsylvania have to step in to dissolve situations. Every situation is different though – there are some obvious reasons for divorce, and then there are some crazy reasons for calling it quits.

Ultimately, no matter what your grounds for filing for divorce, it is no secret that a prenuptial agreement can make the entire process much easier.

In case you were not aware, a prenuptial agreement is a document that any family law practitioner from law firms similar to can draft up, that couples can choose to sign before they get married. The prenuptial agreement document outlines how property and assets should be divided if the relationship ever ends in divorce.

Consequently, if you are getting married soon, although talking about potentially getting divorced might not seem very romantic, there is no denying that a prenuptial agreement can protect your own assets as well as any assets that belong to your partner.

You can learn more about how to go about putting together a prenuptial agreement on the website for this team of Los Angeles prenup attorneys.

Anyway, for this article, Khurki found some divorce cases, which will make you wonder what the world is coming to. Have a look at some of the most bizarre divorce cases in this world.

1. She divorced him because he disliked the movie ‘Frozen’


2. He believed she was possessed by a genie

WTF Reactions

3. Even a prosthetic penis extension could not save the marriage

4. His wife forced him to take Viagra


5. He had named her ‘Tihar Jail’ on his phone. She was done


6. Her pet parrot told her that he was cheating on her


7. In their marriage of five years, she brought home 550 cats


8. He just couldn’t stop cleaning and she couldn’t take it any more


9. She loved kissing horses. She dumped him.. Not vice-a-versa


10. She had cheated on him 30 years back. Once a cheater always a cheater!


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