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Eight Types Of Cousins Found In Every Indian Wedding. And Yours?


Manisha Jessani
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Whether you love them or hate them, your wedding celebrations are incomplete without the gang of your cousins. They are the ones you had spent your summer vacations playing and fighting. Your cousins are the ones who are responsible for creating a fulfilled and lively atmosphere at all wedding functions. Because for them a cousin’s marriage is the apt opportunity to have loads of fun with extended family members. That’s the reason how near, far, or close they are, every cousin makes it a point to attend a family wedding. So, let’s look at some types of cousins found at every Indian wedding:

The Melodramatic Cousin

Just the mere news of your wedding will get this cousin in a highly excited mode. They will make sure to arrive a few days early before the D-day and will escort you on all shopping trips, help you in selecting dresses or any other task related to your wedding. This cousin will be super thrilled to give a solo dance performance for the “Sangeet and Mehndi function” and will help other cousins to prepare at least one dance number.


The Flamboyant Cousinee

This type of cousin or cousins will not miss a chance to show off their designer dresses, shoes and jewellery – for that matter anything and everything they wear or use.


The Over-Affectionate Cousin

This cousin will be there around you pampering you with care and love and will get done everything you like or want. They will hardly refuse anything you say or request.


The “I Will Handle it” Cousin

You can also call this cousin a life saver. Any work given to them will be completed on schedule. They will be ever ready to help you and your entire family in every possible way.


The Gyani Cousin

You will find this cousin of yours sharing secrets to a happy married life from their tried and tested methods. They will give you tips from how to treat and behave in front of your in-laws to what to cook on the first day to how to carry yourself and so on.


The Amusing Cousin

This cousin of yours knows the best ways to have fun and enjoy with relatives. They do stuff which will make you and everyone in the family laugh. They will be very witty and filled with drama.


The Absent-Minded Cousin

This cousin will be very careless and will keep misplacing something or the other thing. Be it their shades, watch or a piece of accessory. They will hardly remember where they kept their things. And, the next thing you will see the entire family searching for that thing.


The Gumshuda Cousin

After your last summer vacations, you meet this cousin straight at your wedding. Seeing them after long time makes you very happy and you get so overwhelmed as you talk about the mischievous things you both did together during childhood.

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