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Have You Used These Cool Names For Your Friends?


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ūüėČ

You’ve always had a name for that friend of yours who you love to tease and even that person loves to be called by that particular name. It’s a piece of fun and everyone in the circle comes to know about the name and ultimately it becomes a ‘hype’ in your college!

Well, gender doesn’t matter when it comes to these names because sometimes a boyish name suits even a girl and vice versa.¬†KHURKI¬†picks up the cool¬†names¬†and¬†there should always be a feel¬†with which we use them!

1. Bai or ’22’

Well, most of the ‘Punjabi¬†Boys’ out there use this.


2. Ae Ladke/Ladki 

We remember the famous song ‘Ae Ladki Pyaar Karegi’ from the movie ‘Tumhaari Kasam’.


3. Rondu

The one who’s toooo emotional.

4. O’ Bread

That’s a funny one. Basically, people having ‘Alia Bhatt’s’ IQ level may be called by this.

5. Bhoondi

The hyperactive one could be called by this name, one who can’t stay at one place for a long time.

6. Oye Gadhe Sun

When your parents call you by this, then they are more like your friends.

7. Bandar/Bandari

The one who grab your things.


8. Chichad (Ticks)

Anyone who sucks on your blood or is a parasite can be referred to as such.

9. Chidi (Sparrow)

Maybe the one with a sweet and melodious voice can be called this.


10. Murgaaa (Chicken)

One who often used to get this punishment in school.


11. Dangar

Reminds us of Punjabi movie ‘Jatt and Juliet’ where Neeru Bajwa used to call Diljit with this name.


12. Karele

You might hate ‘Karele ki sabzi’¬† but I’m sure you’ve always loved calling that thin friend of yours with this name.


13. Popat

Popat is often used to make fun of people and it also means ‘parrot’.


14. Majjj

Someone who’s fat is often called by this name.

15. Chucha

Remember the first person in the picture? That’s ‘chucha‘ from Fukrey.


16. Bewda

One who falls in the ‘gutter’ after getting drunk is called a ‘Bewda’.

Lol. Well the cool title¬†has turned funny by the end but these were some of the nicest and non-offending words which¬†may be used as nicknames for our dear friends. But Yana Rascala MIND ITTTT, if anyone gets offended then KHURKI’s not to be blamed. Okay? OK!

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