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Cool Lingo Boys Use To Build The Bonhomie! Crack The Bro Code…



We all thought that only girls have their moments, own lingo. Hey, that’s not true. From time immemorial, Bro Code has had its own quirks and language which no guy can deny the existence of!

There is no denying the fact that boys talk differently when they are with girls as compared to when they are with their guy-friends! It’s frank, it’s uninhibited and yes, it’s funny.

Read on to know more about the lingo they use.

1. Bhai

This is the ultimate word to describe a brother from another mother. Bhai is your buddy, your bromate and the one you want to hang out with all the time. This is one word that is on the foreword of the Bro Code since the time of the Big Bang!

2. Fuddu


A bro’s role is not just to support another bro but also to ridicule when he does something really stupid. This ridicule comes in various forms, but calling him ‘Fuddu’ is just pushing the limits!

3. Koi na


This is an ultimate one. This is to tell you that everything will be fine even though you know deep down that your friend is in deep trouble. This is the upper limit of support and what we call in angrezi – ‘There, there!’

4. Ghanta


Has your friend ever told you something which is just not easy to digest? Things like ‘I rode the bike at 120!’, ‘I have quit drinking and smoking!’, ‘I am never going to call her.’ Well if yes, ‘Ghanta’ is the word that the bro code directs you to use. It is the word of utter dismissal and used quite often.

5. Bhai Teri Kasam


Guys go very strong with their need to swear on the other guy friends in almost every conversation. Bhai Teri Kasam is usually the start and the end to many of them. Well, we don’t believe half of the things that they say but hey, they at least try to convince us with the innocent swearing.

6. Dimaag ki Dahi


Guys don’t like to over complicate things. They like it simple, to the point and least expressive. And when situations go haywire, a short circuit is sure shot!

7. Jhakaas

Be it any situation that is overwhelming, exciting or just when a friend asks a guy how he has been, there is one word that fits all – Jhakaas! Somewhere or the other, Anil Kapoor has impacted us all, hasn’t he?



These are just some of the few examples from the Bro-dictionary. There are way more and thanks to Viber’s new sticker pack – Boys will be Boys – that guys have to type even less and say just the right thing with a cool sticker.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
Humour, creativity, writing, travel, music and non-stop chattering describe me the best!!! Find me on: Facebook |  Twitter

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