Confused About What To Feed Dogs? Khurki Makes It Easy!

Are you feeding your dog table from the food, and practically everything under the sky? You are only inviting long-term damage for him in the long run. We understand that he is your family member, but let’s not forget that the composition of his body is not like ours.

So next time when you are hogging on a plate of fruit and he looks at you with droopy eyes, please DO NOT hand him a piece of fruit. If you are confused about what to feed dogs and what not, then read on, we have tried to make it easy for you.

1. Apples

They are safe for you dogs, but in moderation. But remember give them no seeds!

2. Raisins and Grapes

Keep your dog far away from them. They can actually cause kidney failure.

Dogs cann't eat

3. Pineapples

They can hog on them, no problem. Just don’t feed them the core.

4. Carrots

You can share your carrot with him, they are as good for him as you.


5. Cherries

Keep them far away. They can cause cyanide toxicity.


6. Onions, shallots, garlic

Your dog should not be eating any of these. They will turn him anemic.


7. Watermelons

Let him have his fill. But make sure he does not have any seeds or rind.

8. Lemons

As a rule, your dog should not be having anything citrus. Not even a small piece.

When feeding fruits to your dog, remember to wash them, just as you would for yourself. And if your dog is prone to allergies, check with your vet first.