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Colorado Monthly Marijuana Sales Cross $100 Mn



OMG…Now the trouble is that there’s so much money and they don’t know where to stash it..!!

Guess what these businessmen are called now?? They are called Ganjapreneurs..loools

In August, according to Denver Post, the marijuana sales in Colorado topped $100 million. The sales data from Colorado’s Department of Revenue showed that the sales of recreational pot topped $59.2 million for the month, while medical marijuana dispensaries pulled in $41.4 million, for a combined $100.6 million – the highest monthly total since legal recreational cannabis sales began there in January 2014.

Wow..that’s huge..!!

With cannabis products and accessories including bongs and water pipes becoming hugely popular throughout Colorado, it is interesting to question what the future holds for the marijuana market.

It is consecutively the seventh time in eight months that marijuana sales in Colorado have outdone the previous month’s total. Combined, marijuana and the cannadips sales in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will easily surpass $1 billion in 2015 – and may hit $1 billion in Colorado alone, not to mention products used to smoke it, like vape pens, vape carts, vaporizers and other products. There are so many different types of marijuana products which is why the market for ganjapreneurs is so profitable! Whether they’re selling island pink strain or CBD, there’s a lot of money to be made.

So where do they stash all that cash?

For budding ganjapreneurs, cannabusiness owners and lawmakers from those states, that’s one question which they are currently and probably they have several accounts to keep the money. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, just 220 of the more than 7,600 banks and credit unions in the country accept so-called “cannabis cash” because marijuana still violates federal law.

They are actually spending on security and guarded vehicles to prevent robbery and theft.

Now that’s what I call money making..!!

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