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These Photos By A Pilot Will Leave You Awestruck!

Wasn’t it already cool to be a pilot? But this pilot integrated his passion for photography with his job, making us envious as we look at his pictures clicked from the cockpit. Professional pilot and passionate photographer Karim Nafatni has shown a real unique form of photography to the world.

He is not only a photography enthusiast, but one who is addicted to height and architecture. All this started when he bought his first DSLR in the year 2010. He even climbs the top of sky scrapers for a perfect click. He carries his camera on a regular basis to document his daily life and job. Here’s a collection of pictures taken from cockpit during his job hours.

cockpit1-khurki-net cockpit2-khurki-net cockpit3-khurki-net

cockpit4-khurki-net cockpit5-khurki-net cockpit6-khurki-net

cockpit7-khurki-net cockpit8-khurki-net cockpit9-khurki-net

cockpit10-khurki-net cockpit11-khurki-net cockpit12-khurki-net

cockpit13-khurki-net cockpit14-khurki-net cockpit15-khurki-net

cockpit16-khurki-net cockpit17-khurki-net cockpit18-khurki-net

cockpit19-khurki-net cockpit20-khurki-net cockpit21-khurki-net

cockpit22-khurki-net cockpit23-khurki-net

If you loved his passion for photography, do share them with others so that they also get amazed and inspired.

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