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Beware Of The Choices We Make At Shaadi Bureau!

We humans are kind of habitual in attracting someone or something superior than us and always want the same throughout life. If we want a new phone, we’d wish for the one with better features than the previous one…same is the case with cars, fashion, household stuff, etc, etc.

But how right is to have the same attitude when ‘gharwaale shaadi karwaane ko bolte hain’ and we’re like ‘koi dhang ka milega/milegi to dekehnge’. This, in spite of the affairs that you’ve been hiding from your gharwalon and portraying yourself as most innocent ‘saau puttar’ of this planet. NO?

But then comes a point when we expect a ‘shona-baby-kuchu-muchu’ in our life. We start making plans of our to-be-bride or groom and all of this starts with ‘Nature achhi honi chahiye bas, baaki to chalega’ and the list never ends…

KHURKI gives some examples of what we desire for when it’s about choosing our life partner!

1. Should be very good looking

Handsome hona chaiye yaar varna cool to ‘navratan tel’ bhi hota hai.


2. Must look like a model or supermodel

Babu bhaiya… idhar hi aa rahi hai, baat karun?


3. Family oriented

Ghar ka dhyaan rakhna to aata ho usse, aur kuch nahin to!

Capture 3

4. Educated.. Oh sorry, well-educated

Hum chahe ‘dasvi fail’ hon, magar ladki topper honi chahiye.


5. Religious

Mujhe chahe kuch na maane par bhagwaan ko maanta ho bas.


6. Good manners

Kahin jaakar baesti to na karwaaye meri.


7. Should be very tall

Main chotti hoon to kya hua? Ladka lamba hona chahiye.


8. Intelligent

Dimag se paedal na ho.

9. Eyes colour should be thisss

Uski aankhien dekh kar mujhe nasha ho jana chahiye.

10. Must cook all the dishes of this world

Mujhe hotel jaane ki zaroorat na pade bas.

11. Must wear what you want

Stylish ho, stupid nahin.



12. Money Matters

Gharwaalon ke paas paisa ho bas, pyaar to bana lenge.


And after all of these desires comes one more which totally differs from all of these and that is:

13. Simple

Bas simple sa ho, zada dikhawa karne wala na ho.


So, what’s your take on that? Do you demand something else apart from this or just a simple-good looking-happy person will do so?

Khurki asks: Is this what you demand or you’d be happy with other choices?

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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