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Chocolates Over Mithai This Diwali In The Most Creative Way!



It’s that time of the year. Diwali, the biggest festival celebrated all across the nation is just round the corner.Sweets and mithais are passe. After all, who wants to add up those extra kilos just trying to please someone by eating the mithais that we are gifted with.So what’s the option you are left with. It’s the age where you can create an impression in a chocolate-filled way.We don’t say that without any reason. We bring to you the best of reasons why you should prefer chocolates over mithai this Diwali and in the most creative way.

So, you can take a pick from chocolates filled with rum, vodka and whisky for all those friends who love the extra zing. Plus, you can choose different flavoured chocolates that come in mint, lemon, blueberry and the works.

Mother hen and liquor-filled eggs!

La gallina di Pasqua dalle uova di cioccolato

Roses used to be red, pink. Now they are brown as well!

Express your feelings the Bollywood way!

Those cup cakes that you will regret biting but love eating!

Custom made for all relations!

At times, you need a dose of chocolate filled love!!

For all those who love their pets!

Creativity has no boundaries!

This will definitely win your Diwali guests’ heart!


Best of all gifting bags


Mouth watering already! Take your pick…


For orders,

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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