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Watch How This Chimpanzee Reacted When Released In Jungle

These days, man is becoming an animal and animals are ‘being human’.

We all believe that we humans are above all the creatures on planet Earth. But on what grounds, we hardly have any ideas – could be emotions, love or care.

But it won’t be shocking if you see a human without even a pinch of emotion left. At the same time, you may find an animal with real & genuine emotions.

This is the story of Dr Jane Goodall. She released a chimpanzee in Tchindzoulou island.

The Jane Goodall Institute established the refuge on the island in the Kouilou River in the Republic of Congo as a safe haven for chimpanzee victims of bush meat hunters and the illegal pet trade. The chimps are safe to live out their lives in the natural environment they evolved to thrive in.

The Chimpanzee ‘Wounda’ was not healthy and was extremely weak. Dr Jane and her team took care of her, gave her a proper diet and a healthy happy environment.

As soon as she was ready to be left back in the jungle for another chance to live a life of her own choice, they freed her.

And the love that Dr Jane Goodall has for animals is proved when she disclosed that she wished to release all the 60 chimpanzees on her 80th birthday.

Wounda was 15th of them and they wish to raise funds for all of them.

That the feelings of true love transcend human boundaries are proven by this video…

WATCH and believe it for yourself:

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