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Children Can Pray For The Most Hilarious Things!

Small kids have a very unique connection with God. They think he is their friend with whom they can share anything.

Sometimes they say the cutest things, which we adults find most hilarious.

Read and smile:

1. Dear God, I saw mamu kiss a lady in the temple, is that allowed?

2. Dear God, thank you for my chota bhai, but I had asked you for a puppy..!!

3. Dear God, how do you manage to love all on this earth – especially my sister?

4. Dear God, I love Holi and Diwali – could my birthday be a holiday too?

5. Dear God, mom says that you are invisible, is that true or just magic?

6. Dear God, I want to be like Dad when I grow up, but please don’t make me bald.

7. Dear God, is it true that if my dad keeps using bad words to all the other drivers at the red light, you won’t let him go to heaven?

8. Dear God, grandpa says he used to speak to you when he was young. So, exactly how old are you?

9. Dear God, my mother says she has magic eyes to watch me in school, please tell her that I know it’s not possible..!!

10. Dear God, please make my father eat as much spinach as he forces me to. Please be fair.

ROTFL! Kids are really cute!!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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