Cherry And Coffee Can Kill You? Don’t Believe Us, Watch!


Beware, cherry and coffee can kill you!

Cherry and coffee and being tall are killer factors!

‘This Much Will Kill You’ is from a Youtube channel that is coming out with day to day facts on information and common sense!

Khurki picked up this one for its weirdness and simplicity at the same time. Must read the comments and many more outrageous ones are on the Youtube link mentioned in the credits.

Video and Comment credits:

1. I took 18 shots on my 18th birthday. I’m still alive though.

2. You just gave people who are at risk of suicide more opportunities to kill themselves

3. How much of YouTube can kill us?

4. can staring into a screen for too long kill you?

5. Why do humans enjoy music? Its just a series of different sounds, but humans still enjoy it.

6. Wow it seems like literally anything can kill us.

And you thought a cherry on the cake was the best thing!


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