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Chef Vikas Khanna, The Sexiest Indian In New York!

Chef Vikas Khanna is what Curtis Stone is to Australia. We still have to meet a soul who will say anything bad about him. He is our pind boy who made it big on his own terms.

Coming from a very humble background, Vikas has never forgotten his roots or the struggle that brought him here. We admire his courage and the man that he is.

That infectious smile and that positive energy, manages to spread cheer wherever he goes.

We have for you today some facts that will make you feel even more proud of him. He is so much more than the judge of Masterchef India.

1. He was offered a movie by Kjo himself. But the ace chef turned it down politely, stating that food will always be his first priority.

Vikas Khanna

2. Vikas had met Gordon Ramsay for the first time in 2006. He was shooting for Kitchen Nightmares. One meeting and Ramsay was of the opinion that Vikas should join Hollywood or TV right away.


3. Ladies, Vikas has been voted as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by Peoples Magazine. He’s just 43 but looks like 33!

4. Vikas is getting offers from various Hollywood studios who are interested in making a biopic on his life. Right from the streets of Amritsar to Junoon!


5. In his list of admirers, Vikas has Obama himself, who totally fell for Indian food cooked by Vikas, after he tasted it at a fundraiser in 2012.


6. He is the only chef who has been called to Cannes to launch a book. The book, which is a commemoration of years of research by Vikas himself on food, is rightly priced at a few lakhs.


Vikas Khanna is an inspiration for youngsters who want to make it big, by hard work and hard work itself.

Proud of you!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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