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Alert: For All The Cheesecake Lovers In Delhi!



Cheesecake is like soul food, for people who love to eat cakes, pies and all the goodies. Just the thought of it can bring a smile to the faces of most of us.

Whoever thought of this wining combo of eggs, sugar and cheese should be given a gold medal. And if you live in Delhi, you are one lucky dude or gal, as the metro offers some crazy options to have the best cheesecake in the nation.

Check them out:

1. Whipped

It is no ordinary restaurant, it is a boutique for desserts. They make cheesecake by the original recipe using mascarpone cheese and graham crackers which come all the way from USA.

Whipped cake

Do not miss the Nutella Cheesecake.

Where: GKII

2. Big Chill

This list won’t get started only if we do not mention Big Chill. Finish off a good Italian meal with a slice of their cheesecakes or two.

Big Chill-saket

Do not  miss the Irish Cream Cheesecake

Where: Multiple branches across Delhi

3. American Ambrosia


Just like the name suggests, this restaurants offers you the most divine cheesecakes on the planet. The varieties will baffle you and you will probably have to come back for more.

Do not miss the Cherry Chunk Cheesecake

Where: New Friends Colony

4. Bread Et More

This bakery has been dishing out yummy delights since 1998. They make the perfect cheesecake every time. When in Delhi, take out time for them.

Bread Et More.

Do not miss the Oreo Cheesecake

Where: GK 1, VasantVihar

5. Beanstalk

They offer you the widest choice in sweets and cakes, and never disappoint you. Try cheesecake with heir freshly brewed coffee.


Do not miss the Brownie Cheesecake

Where: Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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