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Jutti Choo Is Changing the Face Of Punjabi Jutti

I love the way I feel when I slip on my Punjabi juttis.. All of a sudden there’s this manak in my chaal and a mutiyaar feel to myself..!!

Something like this…

I love my culture and so does everyone but sometimes you get pissed off by the generic stuff you get when you go shopping for ethnic wear. I have a fetish for Punjabi juttis and have nearly been all over Punjab to find just the right quality. But when you get quality…the design goes for a toss. What to do!?!?!

Then I came across this manufacturer whose name was as attractive as its products..!!

They are called – Jutti Choo. They are certainly changing the face of Punjabi juttis’.

Let me show you some jutti designs which I found on their page..



























Aren’t they pretty..!!

I loved their collection and I am so sure you’d love it equally. There’s a website which they have mentioned on their FB page as but it’s not functional as of now so one can order on Whatssap or contact them directly on their FB page which is JuttiChooByAmreen.n.sushant

Now that I’ve told you about it.. I guess I am going to order one soon..

What about you..?? Go on.. What are you waiting for??

Check out the catchy collection on Amazon too..

If you’ve ever wondered, then this is how they are made…

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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