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Do You Know These Celebs With Chronic Illnesses!


Upaali Dhawan
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Our celebrities might look like Gods on screen but at the end of the day they are humans too. And much like other human beings, they too are prone to health hazards.

Here are some celebrities who dealt with chronic illnesses and came out victorious…

1. Cricket heartthrob Yuvraj Singh


He battled lung cancer in 2011 and went to United States for the treatment. Those were some testing times but he came out victorious. Now he is doing well and is cancer-free.

2. Lisa Ray, the beauty queen


Lisa Ray was diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer called myeloma in 2009. The condition is said to be incurable but she came out as a survivor. She is living life to the fullest.

3. Bad boy Salman Khan


The bad boy of Bollywood suffers from a nerve condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia, which gives him electric shock-like pains in his head, cheek and jaw.

4. Manisha Koirala


She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. In 2015, was declared cancer-free for 2 years.

5. Prevention-freak Angelina Jolie


In 2013, she underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carried the BRCA1 gene. This gene increases the risk of getting breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

6. Greek God Hrithik Roshan


The actor underwent brain surgery for chronic subdural haematoma. It is a breakdown of blood between the brain and its outer layer.

7. Hugh Jackman


He was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a slow growing skin cancer in 2013. He is advised to have check-ups every three months for the rest of his life.

8. Fast beating heart Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus_khurki.net

This sensation has a heart condition called tachycardia that causes her heart to beat faster than normal. She states that there is not a single moment on stage that she is not thinking of her heart.

9. Heart issues with Saif Ali Khan


The actor suffered a minor heart attack in the year 2007 and suffers from myocardial infractions – a hereditary disease.

10. Michael C Hall


The “Dexter” star underwent cancer treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that starts in white blood cells, the year he won Golden Globe award for best actor in a drama series. His cancer is in remission.

So, these celebs may be perfect on screen and look like perfection personified but they too have their share of testing times. Without losing hope, they stood their ground and came out winners.

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