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Farts Are Essential….Khurki Assigns Them Celebrity Name!

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Farts are an integral part of our lives. Without them, you might not be able to survive even. Existence of a human body without a fart is impossible. Yet, they are ignored and considered disgust.

But this injustice with farts will end here and now.

Khurki assigns celebrity name for farts, hoping it might give the fart a better standard value.

So, feel free in front of Khurki. Don’t hold your breath, just release your fart. Then, find out what is the celebrity name of your fart.

19 If a fart comes with a gap of micro seconds, like kkkkkkkiran: Shahrukh Khan Fart

18 If  the fart comes and turns out to be super hot: Sunny Leone Fart

17 If the fart is too loud, yet useless: Rahul Gandhi Fart

16 If the fart is too long: Modi’s I-Day Speech Fart

15 If it comes with a Kick: Salman Bhai Fart

14 If it makes international music sound: A R Rahman Fart

13 If it comes silently: Obviously, Manmohan Singh Fart

12 If the fart is waiting for two other farts: Rakhi Gulzar Fart

11 If the fart is a epic fail: Kejriwal Fart

10 If you forget to fart: Ghajini Fart

9 If your fart burns calories: Bipasha Basu Fart

8 If your hips lie when you fart: Shakira Fart

7 If your fart gives you a tickle: Kapil Sharma Fart

6 If your fart is loud and non stop: Arnab Goswami Fart

5 If your fart is peace full: Ravi Shankar Fart

4 If your fart travels the world: Modi Fart

3 If your fart comes with lot of shit: KRK

2 If your fart is too big and too loud: Dolly Bindra Fart

1 If Your fart is BIG and unclear: Khali Fart

Happy Reading, & Keep Farting!!



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