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Celebrity Fetishes…Is She Crazy For Sponges?!

We all have likes and dislikes. They are a part of our personality and make us stand out. But what if these likes and dislikes turn into a fixation. Well, you can call it an obsession too.

We, at KHURKI, bring you some of the celebrity fetishes. No we’re not talking about sexual fetishes, if that’s what you’re here for then perhaps consider watching these adult pain films or others to your taste. As for the celebirty obessions …Come, let’s read on!!

1. Bipasha Basu


This Bollywood fitness freak has a fetish for watches and she owns a huge collection of them. You will always find Bipasha team her outfit with a chunky designer watch. On top of this, she also loves gifting watches. We wonder how many watches she owns!


2. Priyanka Chopra


This global actress has a fetish for shoes. You will not find Priyanka wear a pair of shoes more than once. Her shoe closet consists of over 80 pairs of shoes ranging from Louboutins to Ferragamos and much more. She also has a pair of customized silver heels from Salvatore Ferragamo.


3. Tom Hanks


He is like a nice, caring uncle who everybody likes and respects but is secretly harbouring a great dirty secret down in the basement of his house. And that is typewriters. Yes!! you heard it right. This actor revealed that he has a real passion for this particular word-processing tool, and admitted that he uses one almost every day. We wonder how many of them he owns.!!


4. Vidya Balan


This super talented Bollywood actress is almost always seen in a sari. This traditional outfit complements her well. Her wardrobe consists of a collection of over 500 saris. Now that’s a big number, don’t you think?


5. Jennifer Lawrence


She is America’s sweetheart, an Oscar-winning actress, and the most desirable women on the planet, but she’s still weird as heck. And that’s because she has a thing for sponges . Yes, this pretty lady is sponge crazy. She says that she can’t sleep out of excitement when she has bought a new sponge.


6. John Abraham


Don’t we see John at all big Yamaha events? He has always been a bike lover and owns several superbikes and Yamahas. He also customizes his bikes right from their leather seats to their handles and tyres and makes sure it’s all perfect! He has been quoted saying, “Bikes used to be my ticket to date girls.”


7. Salman Khan


This Bollywood actor seems to have a very strange but interesting fetish! He loves collecting different fragrant and ingredient-rich soaps. Now we know how that perfectly hot body is enhanced!!


8. Matthew McConaughey


Everybody loves food, of course, but the way Matthew describes his liking, it genuinely sounds like he’s getting some form of sexual gratification out of eating stuff. Has anybody else ever eaten something so delicious that they actually got tingles down their spine and had to take a break? That’s something!!

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