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No Need To Hide, Celebrities Too Struggle With Depression!

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Depression has become a very commonly occurring disease nowadays. However, it’s a lot easier for people to seek treatment for depression if they need it. The reason that depression has become a common disease recently is because it can be attributed to rising stressful and lonely lives. Treating the disease is absolutely paramount. CBD is one way of treating depression. In order to decide if this is right for you, it might be worth reading this HerbMighty’s Hemp Bombs CBD oil review. Have a look at some of the celebrities who have admitted to suffering from it.

7 Ryan Phillippe

The actor admitted having struggled with the disease since childhood. But when you see his performances on screen, you cannot even guess that he has been depressed. He once stated that he tries his best to maintain his depression treating, it with different remedies. He stated that he had yet to try remedies such as medical marijuana and had thought about checking out sites similar to HerbCEO. Back then he was thinking about growing his own marijuana plant, but in the end, decided it wasn’t for him. Many people looking for relief from depression but who don’t want to go quite as hardcore as this may prefer trying something like CBD Oil instead which doesn’t provide the same high as marijuana but has purported health benefits, including those which support mental health in those suffering from depression, anxiety, and more.

6 Jon Hamm

We are big fans of his character of Don Draper in Mad Men. He has been very open about his disease, which became tougher after his father died. His family and friends have been most supportive and helped him at every step.

5 J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter lady has brought a smile to the lips of so many of us, but very few know that she has written these books in a state of depression. It seems her dark mood inspired her to create the characters of Dementors.

4 Sheryl Crow

Would you believe it despite being in depression she has won a Grammy nine times. And that’s not all. She has also dealt with breast cancer and a benign brain tumor. Playing piano has helped her to deal with it.

3 Terry Bradshaw

He is in the NFL hall of fame, has been an excellent commentator and has dealt with depression for years. He got treatment for it in the nineties only.

2 Ashley Judd

The actress from Kiss the Girls had a depressing childhood. She blames isolation and insecurity for it. The sadness that she felt at a young age continued till her adulthood.

1 Buzz Aldrin

You will be shocked to know that legend walked over the moon in depression. After coming back to earth, he had a divorce and has dealt with alcoholism and depression all his life.



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