99.6% In CBSE Class 12 Result, Yet Got Screwed!!


CBSE Class 12 Result Out!

So, CBSE has announced the results for Calss XII. With this, the pet dialogue of our parents ‘Beta yahi ek saal hai’ will become redundant for many.

According to Indian parents, Class 12 result is the reason why we are born. But there are situations when you score great marks yet get screwed by the world of social networking and the average Indian kid.

Khurki brings you how the Timeline of a 99.6 % scorer kid is full of troll requests and what not:

1. Don’t Publish this fact in newspaper. We have parents to answer.

2. Itna toh mere phone ki battery bhi charge nahi hoti.

3. Yeh Ladka Kalpanik hai iska vastav mein koi astitav nahi.

4. Badhai ho, aaj 8 saal hogaye mere XII k result ko,  par aaj phir daant padi.

5. Apsara extra dark pencil se likha hotq toh baaki 0.04 bhi mil jaate.

6. Tu Roadie nahi Banega..u don’t give Your 100%.

7. Mere Graduation k teen saal ka bhi total itna nahi hai kaminey

8. Not a big deal his tutor is Rajinikant

9. Congrats dude, you are the reason why my parents have so many expectation.

10. See brother, i don’t what tough times you have gone through, par aise gussa padhayi par nahi nikaaltey.

11. Agar maine apna paper khud check kiya hota toh bhi itney marks naa laa pata.

12. Itne marks mein toh gareeb k 3-3 bache paas hojatey.

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