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Casual Flings And One-Night Stands Teach You A Thing Or Two!

One-night stands are hush-hush affairs. They are our dirty secrets, which we don’t share with anyone.

But they surely teach us a thing or two about our sexuality.

1. You get to know your taste

Only when you will go to bed with a few frogs, will you know what your prince should look like.

You have to try a few to know your taste.

2. Mad sex is not = love

Just because he was ready to experiment, that does not necessarily mean that you love him. If you love him, you will sleep with him, not the other way round.


Differentiate passion and love.

3. A one-night stand ends at dawn

They never last more than a night. If you want a second round, look for a new candidate.

For men, you are just a new phone model they tried.

4. The excitement skyrockets

The butterflies you will feel in your stomach, will be an encounter of a new kind.

Don’t expect any comforting once you are done.

5. Treat it like a training session

Treat the free sex like a training session. The more you practice, the better you will get at it.


The world will never know what a hottie you have become.

6. Is this your cup of tea ?

Once you get over the initial rush, question yourself? Have you had your fill? Do you want more?


7. You will learn to value people and emotions

When you learn to detach the emotions from the sex, you will be more appreciative of genuine gestures from people around you.

Just holding hands and cuddling will become so much more special.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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