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Reasons Why Career Is Killing Your Relationship!

Let’s face it! Today, our work priorities have completely taken over our life’s real priorities. This never-ending cycle of making money sometimes kills our relationships.

As we make more money, our appetites increase and we think we need more money. Once begun, this cycle never ends. We keep going deeper into a jungle, returning home tired every day and before we realize it, years pass by and we have become old and have nothing else except our career to show. This isn’t good. There are other ways to make money, without wasting all of our time at work. Perhaps some people should look into investments, like cryptocurrencies, to make more money. By purchasing some Bitcoin and trading it, people could increase the value of their investment. Even though some people do think that Bitcoin Code Fake, it’s important to read reviews yourself to see what you think. That trading platform could trade Bitcoin for you, saving you time. Bitcoin could be a great investment for some people who might want to spend less time working and more time with their families.

Otherwise. this work-life balance gets disturbed due to our craziness to be the best at our careers. Why our careers are killing your relationship:

Yelling about work pressure

I have so much work to do…. I can’t waste my time in other things. Blah blah blah!! Don’t complain all this to your partner. Try to make time for other valuable conversation and for your loved ones.

Frustrated man shouting

No outings with loved ones

Whether you’ve been married for 15 years or been dating for 6 months, you’ve got to make plans to get out of the house and spend some time together.


No surprise factor


Bring surprise activities into the relationship than a week of planned dates. Surprise your partner with spontaneous dinner date or outing.

So much more into phones

Boys into

Your phone should not be with you 24X7. Whether you are checking e-mails or recent updates, you need to leave your phone when you’re with your partner.

Stopped having sex


Overworked, tired, stressed, not in mood – this could be the reasons that couples don’t have much sex and are not happy this way.

Always get excited about work


You get excited about work because you love doing your job. Accepted !! But what about those who love being with you?? Invest your time equally both in life and career that will make you more happy.

You don’t go to bed together anymore

Girl Sleeping alone

It’s not only sex that matters!! The simple act of going to sleep together, cuddling before sleep, watching TV or playing games too matter for a healthy relationship.

Mostly remain out for work


Try to stay connected when you travel a lot for work. Absence makes hearts grow fonder and anyone who is away from their husband or wife for long, knows that. Try to take your partner along or try to stay connected as much as possible.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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