Headphones Alert: Sex In Car Prank, Hilarious Reactions!


Remember the dancing cars from PK?

They are back on the street. Even though we are the second-most populated country in the world, still talking about sex scares us the most. If you beat the shit out of somebody in the street, no one would bat an eyelid. But, if you kiss a girl, you are ruining the society.

We will not focus on this national mentality disorder in this blog. But we will present a video by Hitesh Varma which brings you some hilarious reactions of the passersby when they see a ‘dancing car’. Not realizing that it is they who are the center of attraction and NOT the fake car sex, their reactions and responses are simply hilarious.

car prank

How weird is it that people so want to avoid a thing which is the cause of their existence. Anyway, enjoy and share the video if you had a good laugh.

Hilarious Reactions Sex In Car Prank (Headphones Alert)!

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