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The ‘Must Capture’ Moments While Your Little One’s Growing Up!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

For a new parent, every time your baby reaches a new milestone it’s a reason for celebration and of course documentation. There’s nothing more special than watching your child take her first step or lose her first tooth.

From responding to the PARENTS voice to walking for the first time, we want to capture it all. Unfortunately, it’s not always practical to chase our little ones around with a camera in hope to be able to capture the very “First” moment. So it’s okay to miss some. The second can be captured for memory’s sake.

But here are some photos that every parent should take of their child and have that kid go awwwww when she sees them all grown up!

The Arrival


This is the most emotional, a never-felt-before expressive moment….for the baby’s parents.

Hands and Feet

Baby feet.

A baby’s hands and feet are very adorable. For more cuteness, one can even have baby’s feet & hand painted!

Sleeping, cuteness overloaded

sleeping baby yawning

Snap the cutest picture of your baby when they are dozing….awww so cute na!

First Laugh 


That look on their face can melt a million hearts.

When they are with their favourite toy


They will want to do everything with this one special toy….play, eat, sleep and even take them out!

First solid meal

Baby Having meal

Their first solid meal serving would be the cutest….Don’t forget to capture the reactions. You will love them for a lifetime.

Baby cruising

Baby walking

Awwwww!! You can’t miss this shot. So what if he is taking help.

And his first solo step


The biggest breakthrough that no parent would want to miss.

With You, Your Partner, with grandparents or with other kids

Baby with family

Super fun memories to share with your kids in future.

Their funny expressions and moods

Cute expressions...

Even the frown is so cute that it will make you smile, I am sure!

First birthday, of course


And of course, you definitely want to film your baby’s first birthday.

Your child’s first day at school


We all know that your baby’s first moments extend well beyond the first year. Either way, enjoy these moments as they are happening.

P.S.: This post is completely dedicated to my boss, as she never misses a chance to capture her daughter’s special moments.

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