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Can You Imagine A World Without Mommies? Khurki Cannot!


Priya Aurora
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Mommies: From Punching Bags to Shopping Buddies…!

Can you imagine a world without mothers? We are sure that even the thought scares you as much as it scared us. They are our guardian angels on earth, our back-up plan for every nonsense that we do in our lifetime. But if we were to stop and think for a second, a world without them would probably resemble something like this:

1. Messy and wild. Who’s gonnna make the rules and clean up?

2. One word Chaos. At least she organizes it for us.

3. Whose gonna watch my back when I turn 16?

4. A world without our moms would be absolutely horrible.

5. Our daddies, siblings and us would be very poor.

6. No Moms? Huh? That sure will suck, big time.

7. We wouldn’t come home to the smell of rajma chawal, freshly baked cakes or cookies.

8. We would never ever reach school on time.

We think a world without moms would be least interesting, not acceptable, totally chaotic and disorderly. And there would be no love. So for no reason but love, let’s acknowledge what our Mothers do for us day and night. The hardest job in the world but most rewarding too.

Love you mommies. Happy Mother’s Day

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