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Can A Relationship Be Eternal If There’s No Love?


Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

Love..What is love?? No one can actually define it. It’s a feeling that just can’t be expressed in words.


Love is not a drama as portrayed by the modern era films, it just can’t flourish if there’s no love.

Similarly, relationships can’t work if there’s no love. That’s absolutely true and no one can argue with me over this.

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If you really love someone and his or her happiness matters to you, then you should keep these things in your mind to keep your relationship healthy!



This is the essence of a good relationship! Talk about the good and bad things, it helps keep the misunderstanding away.

Build trust


Be honest and faithful in your relationship. We all know this by heart ‘Where there is trust, there is love.’

Be there for one another


Give each other some priority and make sure you are always available for your loved ones. No love or affection is possible if it is not your top-most priority

Leave the past behind


This includes everything related to your ex. Talking about the past only creates insecurity and nothing else.

Know that arguments are normal


It’s obvious that there will be times when you will fight and have major arguments. Just let it pass, arguments happen when expectations grow.

Don’t expect change

no love

Appreciate each other’s flaws and accept the way you guys are. Never ever try to change your loved ones basic nature.

Become best friends

no love

Understanding each other is really important and good for a relationship. It keeps the bond healthy and long lasting.

Most important, love unconditionally

no love

Love is not about just 3 magical words, it is something way beyond that. Unconditional love is the prime necessity in every relationship!!

No love..no life!!

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