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Indian Army Will Last War For Mere 10 Days, Reports CAG!

Now that the nation is all in the mood for asking the Army to attack the enemy, here’s a piece of news that is rattling many. Leading newspapers like Indian Express & Times Of India has shown some dark realities of war, based on the report of CAG. Everybody understands that war will have consequences, but how grave would that be is something blur and unclear.


The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submitted a report to the Parliament. The report clearly shows that if India goes to war now, 90 per cent of its available ammunition would not last even for 10 days.

Arm Blames The Ordnance Factory Board

Indian Express

The comprehensive report that examined 69 types of ammunition, the inability of the ordnance factories to meet the projected requirements by the Army was one of the reasons for the depleting ammunition ratio. The OFB has been only able to complete the 62-70% of the projected ammunition need of the Army.

Times Of India Report



Times Of India

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Information Sources Times Of India & Indian Express 

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