The trend of eyebombing is taking internet with storm, and now it has reached Bulgaria. An amazing artist from Bulgaria Vanyu Krastev is doing these eye catching work. He certainly see things from a totally different perspective. And a man with a great imagination. Imagine things which are considered as trash, useless are now being clicked by people and shared on social media. Because they have googly eyes placed in the best possible way.

This is no insanely difficult so called DIY art, but a very simple way. All you need is imagination and googly eye pair. From trash cans,  lamp posts, sidewalk stains, trees, et al are given an altogether a different look. A pinch of imagination can definitely change the whole taste of dish called life.

Check out these amazing googly eyes on street objects 

Googly EyesGoogly EyesGoogly EyesGoogly EyesGoogly Eyes

Images Sourced Bored Panda


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