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These Buildings Are For Real, Weird Or Awesome You Decide!


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“Weird” is not the word existing in the dictionary of architects of these buildings. Because what’s weird for others is cool for them. Not just that their cool is turned into something so unusual that it’s no more weird. Innovation with creativity is intelligence and these creative buildings are a proof for it.

So what these innovation masters are up to is what this blog is all about. I know creativity’s appreciation can be super subjective. Money wasted. But for others these are the coolest things they have ever seen.

These Buildings Are For Real, Weird Or Awesome You Decide!

Volkswagen Beetle House

VW House

A house near the city of Salzburg, Austria is shaped like the Volkswagen Beetle and took $1.3 million to construct. Completed in 2003, it features exterior “tyres” and headlight-shaped windows. The three-storey house, designed by Austrian architect Markus Voglreiter, holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest house shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle.

When your life is upside down

Upside Down

A new upside-down house, locally called Rumah Terbalik, has been opened to the public in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The house is a double-storey building with bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room and kitchen, all of which are upside down. The premises also have an upside-down garage, a restaurant, and a 3-D Wonders Museum. Tickets are priced at 19.10 Malaysian Ringgits.

When your university is full of shit

Toilet China

People are comparing the shape and look of a recently-constructed university building in China to a ‘giant toilet’. The structure, which includes a circular building covered by a blue roof, is reportedly set to house the Students’ Employment Centre of the university. Notably, the Chinese government had banned the construction of “bizarre” and “odd-shaped” buildings in February.

Toilet Korea

South Korea’s Suwon has a 7.5 metre-tall toilet-shaped house, named ‘Haewoojae’, meaning ‘a place of sanctuary where one can solve ones worries’. Constructed in 2007 by Sim Jae-Duck, it has 4 state-of-the-art toilets and a museum inside, showcasing pictures of toilets from around the world. The park outside the house has various structures shaped like toilets and faeces.

No matter what you look for, it’s there in the basket!


A 180,000 square-foot building shaped like a picnic basket in United States’ Ohio is being sold 19 years after it was constructed. The building belongs to the basket-making Longaberger Company, which owes $577,660 in property taxes on the construction. The seven-story building, which also has heated ‘handles’ to prevent ice formation, cost $32 million to build.

Sub Text Source: Inshorts.com 

Image Source: Inshorts.com

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