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Your Buddy Becomes A Star! How Would You React?


Who doesn’t want to become a star? (Hardly any hand rises) Who wants to? (All hands high up in the air)! Yes, that’s the scenario when it’s about being not Salman Khan but someone next to a superstar in life. Everyone somewhere in their heart wishes to be treated as one or BE one… What’ll you do if a member of your squad, someone you’ve always been close to, your ‘chuddy-buddy’ shines on the world. Any of these might be your take:

11 Distribute sweets in the city

If not, then in your circle, your locality and your surroundings because that’s what you always wanted!

10 Organise a PARTYYYYY

Because you’ll not miss any chance to celebrate your close buddy’s success!

9 Upload wishes on social media

And you’ll let the world know ‘Bhai friend mera hai… MERA!!!!’

8 Do nothing because it’s normal for you

Then you might not be connected much to that friend of yours or maybe you just don’t think the success of people close to you is yours too!

7 Ignore, because you’re jealous?

Success might be a line where you get jealous of your friend’s achievements and start ignoring.

6 Tell strangers about your relation

This is what you’ll definitely do if you share a fantastic chemistry!

5 Plan a date (According to interest)

‘Now that you’re famous… come, let’s fall in love’

4 Hate your friend’s success?

Because ‘Best Friends’ was just a tagline.

3 Be proud within…

A person with true, genuine feelings would never fake feelings for someone so close and would appreciate any type of success!


Take all the credit!

Yes, it’s me. I started it all. All because of me. He was a piece of shit!

1 Never stop encouraging?

Love and encouragement? Because that’s what we expect from soulmates and that’s the only logical reason they’re in our life for.



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