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OMG! Video Of Man Being Brutally Tased By Police!


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Matthew Ajibade is the 22 year old computer science student who succumbed to severe injuries in Georgia jail. He suffered several blunt injuries to his head and upper body and had blood inside his skull which killed him.


Matthew was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years earlier and was arrested after a domestic disturbance call. He was accused of domestic violence, battery and obstruction of an officer. As officers overpowered Ajibade, his girlfriend asked them to take Ajibade to the hospital and gave them his Divalproex medication, which treats the manic phase of bipolar disorder and seizures.

Instead of taking Ajibade to the hospital, officers transported him to the Chatham County jail. While being booked, Ajibade allegedly became combative with deputies what happened after that is pretty disturbing but he didn’t make it out alive..!!

According to the medical examiner, the beatings he received from the deputies and the restraint chair directly led to his death. Ajibade’s death was ruled a homicide. He was handcuffed to a restraint chair in an isolation cell at the Chatham County jail and tased in police custody. He was found dead early on January 2nd with a spit mask over his face.

After being severely beaten by deputies, Ajibade was strapped down in restraints and left alone for over an hour and a half – at which point, he was found dead.


A trial is on for this case at the moment.

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