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Celebrating Bruce Lee’s Birthday, Legacy Continues!

Bruce Lee still is the undisputed King of Kung Fu. He left this world at the young age of 32, but his legacy has only grown with time.

We remember the man, the legend on his birthday.

1. At this legend’s funeral, the coffin bearers were none other than Chuck Norris, James Coburn and Steve McQueen.


2. Bruce Lee could switch the penny in your hand with a dime, before you could blink your eyes.

3. In a fight in 1962, he had actually punched his opponent fifteen times and kicked him out of the fight in less than ten seconds.

4. He used to kick at such a speed, that when he was filmed the cameraman would record it in the slow motion mode.

5. While the man has millions of fans, he was an ardent follower of Great Gama, the undefeated legend for fifty years.

6. Besides Kung-Fu, Bruce Lee was also a champ in Cha- Cha dancing and had also won a championship in 1958.

7. He even had fans in far off countries like Bosnia. A statue too was erected in his memory in Mostar.

8. If you want to know the technicals, his reaction time was .05 second. Still unbeaten!

9. Bruce Lee was also a huge admirer of Muhammad Ali and had seen almost all his fights on the screen.

10. His death was surrounded by mystery. The official version says he died of a reaction to a wrong dose of painkiller.

11. Bruce Lee could even catch a grain in mid air with a pair of chop sticks.

12. Not many know that he was half German, as his mother belonged there.

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