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This Children’s Day Bring The Child In You Out, Here’s How!

The Children’s Day is here and the editor asked me to do bring out the Khurki in me on this. She wanted me to bring the child in me out for a while. That was not hard at all. As I haven’t let the child in me die. And that gave birth to the thought of this blog.

If I wanted, I could really make you adopt that. But what if you do it on your own. Bringing out the child inside you to life, (not for pregnant women, take your time). So I asked a few of my colleagues what would they want to do to bring out the child in them? Well their answers could be ideas for you, an idea that can change your mood! (Life is good already) This Children’s Day bring the child in you out. Here’s how!

Get the replica of your favourite toy!


Image Source unicodeamor.tk

What could be better than getting your favourite RC car, or G.I. Joes? Cherish all your memories, not just those you are sharing on Facebook.

Play kids games


Image Source socialitch.com

Ludo, Snakes & Ladder, Monopoly and Scrabble. The list of board games is endless and we used to play these as kids. So why not play with it with our children this time?

Do not celebrate with alcohol


Image Source Petition Site

Well, I couldn’t do without a DON’T. Every time it comes to celebration, the adults think of alcohol. So learn to celebrate without any alcohol going down your throat.

Play with Desh ki mitti!


Image Source The Indian Express

Nothing patriotic about this, but playing with mud can simply lower your stress levels. The happiness you will get would definitely be priceless and precious.

Get what you use to eat


Image Source Insta Clicks

How can you forget ek ki chaar toffee? And a lot many things like Natkhat and lollipops. Time to hop on to some childhood eateries.

Vacation to Nani’s house


Image Source ParentMap

Try and visit your grandparents if you can. As a child, you could talk to them for hours. But now, after a minute you don’t have anything to talk with them. Take out time.

Play stress free


Image Source BuzzFeed

This one would be difficult, but never say never. We all remember the times when we used to play for hours without any fatigue with full spirit and no stress. Gang up with friends. Let’s do that gully cricket match once again.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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