Breakup, Is This The Reward For Your Girlfriend For Her Honesty?


Honesty is the best policy. But what if this honesty results in a breakup because this is what is happening these days. If she’s being honest with you and tells you about her past after you both have been in a relationship, what will you do? Will you reward her with breakup? Will you fight for telling the truth after some time? Ya obviously you will, but would you not try to understand her fear, the fear of losing you. Well, never mind it’s your life but think once from your life partner’s perspective, if you believe her to be. KHURKI brings you some questions that could come to your mind during this phase.


6. Was she trying to hide something?

Just relax and cool down. Be wise and think for once that would you have revealed such things to a stranger. No, because first you’ll befriend him and then go ahead.



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